Guillermo Sosa, the double winner in Tucson, Arizona

TUCSON – The Casino del Sol in Tucson (Arizona) was the stage for the annual international 3 Cushion USA event where US-nationalised Mexican Guillermo Sosa was the double winner. He won the singles event and with Jesus Corona the doubles. Vietnamese Jun Park came in second, third and fourth places went to Americans Jim Hendrikson and Paul Feltman.

A total of 49 players played in the Round Robin format divided into groups of seven, of which the top two and the two best thirds were qualified. In the final stage, Guillermo Sosa beat the likes of Mazin Shoonie and Paul Feltman to take the cup with 1,350 on overall average.

In the Scotch Double tournament, in which 12 teams participated also in Round Robin format, Guillermo Sosa paired with Jesus Corona in two groups of six and four finalists. They achieved victory after defeating Pineda/Feltman and Troung/Yohounda. And although they lost to Carranco/Hendrikson, the team took the final victory with the highest number of match points.

The best run in the doubles came from the Park/Guemsey pair (12). Yohounda achieved the highest run in the singles with 12. Guillermo Sosa was rewarded with 3,500 dollars, Park with 2,500, Hendrikson with 1,900 and Feltman with 1,500.

The line-up included well-known players such as Miguel Torres, Ricky Carranco, Vicky Pineda, Ivan Rosales and Mazin Shoonie.

It is worth mentioning that a cue was raffled to help the family of Luis Miguel Avila, who passed away recently. A great gesture by the organisers and those present who paid tribute to the great Mexican player in this way. The initiative came from Guillermo Sosa, who played many games with Luis Avila in countless national and international tournaments, including participation in the World Championship for national teams in Viersen and the Pan American Championships.

The final players to show up in Tucson: Ricky Carranco (father), Iván Rosales, Vicky Pineda, Guillermo Sosa, Jesús Corona, Ricardo Carranco, Armando Soria, Héctor Ocampo.

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